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WCB,STD,LTD Claims Management


Disability Management


Program Development.


Occupational Health Program Auditing


Biological Monitoring Programs


Hearing Conservation Programs


Respirator Fitness Program (mask fit) OH&S


OSHA Compliance Programs



Owned and operated by Occupational Health Professionals, Eisan Consulting Inc. has consistently been providing best practice Disability Management and Occupational Health(OH) services. We have an intergrated nation wide network of Occupational Health Professionals in many disciplines.


At Eisan Consulting, we are devoted to assisting employers and employees in the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injury, illness, exposure & disability. 



Pre-Employment & Site-Access Medicals 


Alcohol & Drug Testing 


Field Health Surveillance (remote sites)

 Shut Down/Turn Around Services


Occupational Health Physician Services

Including Civil & Federal Aviation Medicals


Off-shore and Fitness to Work Medicals

expedited MRI, CT Scan,


Complex Case Management

Complex Case Management

Eisan focuses on the importance of early and proactive involvement with each disability claim, using a team-oriented approach. Sometimes cases become complex with multiple issues. Eisan has a long history of managing complex cases.


Our thorough, objective process ensures that all claims receive a fair assessment of benefit eligibility and active claims are appropriately managed for the duration of the disability. Our goal is timely and safe return to work for all employees with which we work.


Employers can expect Eisan to ensure cases are handled to mitigate potential for legal and human rights issues and that employers are well informed of fitness to work issues. 


Services include: 

  •  Full service claims management (in-house or offsite).

  •  Complex Case reviews for single fee.

  •  Appeals/audits on internal claims management.

  •  Program set up for internal self-management.

  •  Training

We often work with small to medium business who may need short term or case by case assistance.

Clinical Occupational Health Services

Clinical Occupational Health Services

Eisan offers a comprehensive Occupational Nursing and Medicine resource for workers and their employers. Our focus is prevention as well as prompt treatment, we work with employers, organized labor and other medical providers to promote and maintain a healthy workforce. 


Our clinical services range from treating minor work injuries to evaluating complex occupationally related medical conditions.


Services Provided The services listed below are performed in our Calgary Clinic as well as at field locations in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. We have a network of approved and certified professionals who provide services in other areas. 


  • Consultation for integrating occupational health and safety with health promotion interventions 

  •  Workers’ compensation injury and illness care, with prompt access to 

  • treatment and day of service communication regarding medical 

  • causation, work capacity and treatment plan

  •  Pre-placement and periodic physical exams.

  •  Audiometric and Pulmonary Function testing

  •  Medical surveillance exams (benzene, lead, asbestos, hazmat, 

  • firefighters)

  •  Medical exams for commercial drivers

  •  Independent medical evaluations

  •  Fitness for duty exams

  •  Consultations for assessment and control of workplace of reproductive 

  • hazards

  •  Immunization Programs (including influenza)

  •  Drug and Alcohol Testing

  •  MRO Services

  •  Quantitative mask fit testing

Contract Staffing and Program Support

Contract Staffing and Program Support

Eisan has a long history of providing Occupational Health Professionals (Nursing and Medicine) to our clients. We can help clients with staffing support short–term, long-term or project based work both office and field. 

We also provide Medical Director Services and MRO support. We ensure we are WCB compliant when our staff are outsourced. 


Please call us or email your specific requests.

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