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Eisan Consulting has a team of professionals that have the skills and know-how to confidently manage the various components of your program. This significantly reduces the amount of man hours spent by your employees. Fully trained in case management of all claim types assures that your needs are correctly handled with due care.

  • Provide proactive case management of all claim types

      (STD, LTD, WCB, AT-WORK)


  • Develop and implement a proactive fiscally responsible Disability Management System


  • Work with all Canadian WCB jurisdiction's including Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 employer accounts


  • Work with employee/employer and health care providers to develop safe and timely return to work planning


  • Implement and monitor modified work programs 


  • Liaise with human resources and managers to make recommendations regarding workplace accommodations


  • Provide resources for IME's, FCE's, and access to other multi-faceted injury/illness claims


  • Manage disability cases that involve complex situations such as substance abuse, extended psychological health claims and multi-faceted injury/illness claims


  • Help navigate WCB claims objection and appeals

      (we provide OHN's for in-house case management or manage client caseloads externally) 

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