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LNC's are experts in their particular field of practise and will save time by interpreting medical records, documents and medical/legal issues. They have a through understanding of medical/nursing issues and trends related to practise.


By using an LNC, you will save time and money by evaluating the merits of a case upfront and providing medical information you need in the most efficient manner. LNC's have the expertise to evaluate a case that could take non specialized/nursing/medial personnel numerous man hours to evaluate. 

Why use an LNC?

What are the benefits of using Eisan Consulting as your legal Nurse Consultant?


Consider this:

  • We evaluate care delivered by identifying deviation in standards of care


  • We prepare clear, chronological, summary and interpretation of medical/nursing events related to the case


  • We organize records and other relevant material 


  • We act as a liaison between legal, medical and clients with unbiased professionalism 


  • We are retained as nurse expert and testify at deposition and trail 


  • We prepare witnesses and develop exhibits 


  • We interview witnesses

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