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Eisan Consulting provides clients with a framework for improving and streamlining the way work-related injury is managed. Our On-Call Integrated Injury Management sets out the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the process and principles, as well as key elements and strategies that underpin and guide the injury management process.

Effective injury management relies on the co-operation of employers, workers' insurers, medical practitioners, allied health and rehabilitation professionals.

On-Call Injury Management is a coordinated and integrated management process involving early intervention with appropriate, adequate, and timely services, based on assessed needs. It is intended to facilitate recovery, in order to achieve the best results for a safe and timely return to work for injured workers.  


  • If a worker suffers an illness or injury at the worksite, Eisan staff are available to help direct the worker and manager in “real time” to best possible outcomes. Our mandate is safe and early intervention on return to work.


  • On-Call staff are Registered Nurses with post-secondary education in Occupational Health and Disability Management, licensed in Canada.


  • Our staff are familiar with clinical/medical resources in all Canadian Provinces and have worked with inter-provincial Workers Compensation and OH&S legislation.


  • We have a Medical Director who specialize in Occupational Health and is on consult as needed.We assign a Senior OHN to oversee the client injury management and ensure quality assurance on intake of cases.


  • We triage calls based on 2 types of plans for managing a workplace injury:

1. A return to work plan (cases where employees can resume work with no time loss or within 24hrs in some capacity and medical intervention may or may not be necessary. We coordinate medical access.)


2. An injury management plan (the worker has been medically deemed unfit for work. We use immediate access to our medical director to case manage with the treating MD. We use this consult as a second opinion or to facilitate treatment).We have access to a network of resources such as MRI, CT and specialists that many of our providers do not, as we also own a private practice medical clinic in Calgary.  As such, our clients can be seen within 24 hours for assessment at our clinic.


Eisan Consulting recognizes the provision of On-Call Injury Management services is dependent upon understanding workplace hazards, health issues in employee populations within specific industries, coupled with knowledge and experience in the field of Disability Management.



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