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By supporting employees to perform at their greatest caliber for your organization, Eisan Consulting acts as your liason to provide an experienced health resource. A liason that ensures that health screenings are done to the utmost professionalism, and lets you as the employer have the confidence in your employees ability to perform.



  • Pre-employment health assessments 

      Both MD and OHN


  • Periodic health screening, field and office


  • Audiometric screening


  • Spirometry screeening


  • Alcohol and drug testing


  • Hearing conservation program development


  • Respiratory survellance program development

     silica, etc.


  • Biological monitoring program

     benzene, etc

  • Fitness to work confirmation


  • Occupational hazard identification and education


  • Health monitoring to decrease risks non-occupational disease


  • Development of occupational health assessment/surveillance

     programs and policies to comply with OH&S legislation


  • Quality assurance services to audit existing surveillance programs 


  • Reporting/trending of surveillance monitoring data


  • Respirator MASK Fit Testing

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